11th Class Computer Science Chapter 8 MCQs with Answer

Here you will find the most important 11th class Computer Science solved exercise MCQs with answers from chapter 8 (Word Processing). All the correct answers have been bold.

1st Year Computer Chapter 8 MCQs With Answer

Here are the mcqs of first-year computer science Chapter 8 Word Processing:

1. Which of the following is a word processor?

a. Adobe Acrobat

b. Photo Express

c. MS Excel

d. MS Word

2. Which keyboard shortcuts are used to change the case?

a. Ctrl+F3

b. Shift+F3

c. Alt+F3

d. F3

3. In MS Word, the data that is being copied or moved is:

a. Temporarily stored in Recycle bin

b. Permanently stored in Recycle bin

c. Temporarily stored in Clipboard

d. Permanently stored in Clipboard

4. Which of the following can launch the word Art?

a. Status bar

b. Drawing toolbar

c. Standard toolbar

d. Ruler

5. Which of the following features enables you to reverse the changes you have made to the document?


b. Redo

c. Undo

d. GUI

6. Most modern word processors allow users to control the formats of:

a. Individual characters

b. Paragraphs

c. Complete documents

d. All

7. A feature commonly available with word processors is:

a. Spell checker

b. Automatic footnoting

c. Multicolumn tables

d. All

8. The tool used to find a similar or alternative word in a document is called:

a. Finder

b. Thesaurus

c. Dictionary

d. Style

9. A tool that is used to generate form letters is called:

a. Mail merge

b. Grammar Ready

c. Mail Ready

d. Letter writer

10. The symbol that shows where the next character will be typed is called:

a. Typing point

b. Typing locator

c. Insertion point

d. Scroll

11. The shape of the insertion point symbol is:

a. Arrow

b. Vertical line

c. Horizontal line

d. Circle

12. When starting Word, the name of the default document is:

a. Document1

b. File1

c. WPD1

d. Word1

13. Which of the following is used to edit text in a document?

a. Delete key

b. Backspace key

c. Cut and paste

d. All

14. The extension of the MS Word file is:

a. wrd

b. xls

c. jpg

d. doc

15. The process of moving up or down in a word processing document is called:

a. Line movement

b. Word wrap

c. Pull-down

d. Scrolling

16. Which of the following keys is used to delete characters in a document?

a. Backspace

b. Delete

c. Both a and b

d. Esc

17. The key that is used to delete a character to the right of the cursor is:

a. Del

b. Backspace

c. End

d. Ctrl+Del

18. The key that is used to delete a character to the left of the cursor is:

a. Del

b. Backspace

c. Home

d. Ctrl+Tab

19. Clipboard stores:

a. Entered text

b. Copied text

c. Deleted text

d. Repeated text

20. A set of buttons to execute commands in a word processing document is called:

a. Menu

b. Button list

c. Dialog

d. Toolbar

21. The term that defines the size and style of a typeface is:

a. Point

b. Font

c. Character

d. Size

22. The font that displays little lines at the top and bottom of most characters is called:

a. Sans-serif

b. French

c. Decorated

d. Serif

23. The font that does not display little lines at the top and bottom of characters is:

a. European

b. Sans serif

c. American

d. Serif

24. Which of the following is used in Word to temporarily hold information?

a. ROM

b. Clipboard

c. Desktop


25. The command used to move text from one document to another is:

a. Replace

b. Cut-and-Paste

c. Format

d. Edit

26. What command is used to move selected text to another part of a document?

a. Copy-and-Position

b. Drag-and-Drop

c. Find-and-Replace

d. a and b

27. The term that refers to the setting of margins, tab positions, text justification, vertical and horizontal centering, and line spacing is:

a. Tool

b. Layout

c. Format

d. Setup

28. Times New Roman is an example of a ______ font.

a. Serif

b. Sans serif

c. 3D

d. Boldface

29. The size of the characters to be printed is measured in:

a. Inches

b. Points

c. Weight

d. Degrees

30. Paragraph formats include:

a. Tabs

b. Alignment

c. Indentations

d. All

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