11th Class Computer Science Chapter 2 MCQs with Answer

Here you will find the most important 11th class Computer Science solved exercise MCQs with answers from the second chapter (Information Networks). All the correct answers have been bold.

1st Year Computer Chapter 2 MCQs With Answer

Here are the mcqs of Chapter 2 Information Networks:

1. A LAN is a combination of:

a. Network Adapter cards

b. LAN cables

c. LAN application software

d. All of the above

2. What layer of the OSI model does data compression?

a. Network

b. Presentation

c. Data Link

d. Physical

3. Cabling on a linear bus topology can be extended using which of the following?

a. Terminator

b. Barrel Connector

c. Network adapter card

d. Medium attachment

4. The media Access control sub-layer resides in which layer:

a. Physical

b. Datalink

c. Network

d. Transport

5. FDDI is a:

a. Ring Network

b. Datalink

c. Mesh Network

d. Transport

6. How many pairs of computers can simultaneously communicate on Ethernet LAN?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. Multiple

7. One or more computers connected to a hub or switch is a (a):

a. Ring network

b. Node

c. Information utility

d. Star network

8. Protocol 802 defines standards for which layer of the OSI model?

a. Application and Presentation

b. Physical and data link layer

c. Transport and network

d. Network and data link layer

9. Software to browse the internet:

a. Gateway

b. EFT

c. Browser

d. Teleconferencing

10. Which of the following is a communications device?

a. Router

b. USB

c. UTP

d. Ethernet

11. Which of the following is NOT a category of network?

a. WAN

b. LAN

c. MAN

d. NAN

12. Which type of network covers a small area?

a. LAN (Local Area Network)

b. WAN (Wide Area Network)

c. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

d. NAN (Nano Area Network)

13. LAN stands for:

a. Local Area Nodes

b. Land Area Network

c. Local Area Network

d. Linked Area Network

14. A network that covers a limited geographic distance such as an office is called:

a. NAN (Nano Area Network)

b. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

c. LAN (Local Area Network)

d. WAN (Wide Area Network)

15. A lab with twenty computers and a laser printer is an example of a:

a. Limited area network

b. Line area network

c. Local area network

d. Little area network

16. In a typical LAN, each computer on the network is connected through:

a. Cables

b. Satellites

c. Microwaves

d. Phone

17. LAN does not use:

a. Twisted pair cable

b. Fiber optic cable

c. Telephone line

d. Coaxial cable

18. Which problem occurs when two workstations on a shared Ethernet try to access the LAN at the same time?

a. Termination

b. Deadlock

c. Collision

d. Accident

19. A network that covers a large geographic distance such as a country is called a:

a. PAN

b. MAN

c. LAN

d. WAN

20. Which network covers a large area?

a. LAN

b. WAN

c. MAN

d. PAN

21. The communication across WAN occurs using:

a. Microwave

b. Telephone line

c. Satellite link

d. Any of the above

22. The primary difference between a LAN and a WAN is:

a. Number of software available

b. Distance

c. The variety of hardware devices

d. Number of hardware devices

23. What type of network is the Internet?

a. LAN

b. MAN

c. WAN

d. PAN

24. In WAN, the communication software that allows a personal computer to appear as a terminal is called:

a. Electronic mail software

b. Teleconferencing software

c. Terminal emulation software

d. Bulletin board system

25. Mobile phone (Cellular) systems often use:

a. LAN

b. WAN

c. MAN

d. GAN

26. NIC stands for:

a. Network Internal Card

b. Newer Industrial Computer

c. Networking Internet Connection

d. Network Interface card

27. NIC allows direct connection to:

a. Monitor

b. Network

c. Printer

d. Modem

28. How many types of network standards are there?

a. 2

b. 4

c. 6

d. 8

29. Defacto means:

a. By nature

b. By fact

c. By law

d. By luck

30. Dejure means:

a. By nature

b. By fact

c. By law

d. By luck

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