11th Class Computer Science Chapter 4 MCQs with Answer

Here you will find the most important 11th class Computer Science solved exercise MCQs with answers from chapter 4 (Application and uses of computer). All the correct answers have been bold.

1st Year Computer Chapter 4 MCQs With Answer

Here are the mcqs of Chapter 4 Application and Uses of Computer:

1. CBT stands for:

a. Computer Based Trade

b. Computer-Based Training

c.  Certificate-Based Training

d. Computer Basic Training

2. The benefits of CAD include:

a. Accuracy

b. Repeatability

c. Speed & flexibility of production

d. All

3. Computer at home can be used for:

a. Keeping records

b. Making budgets

c. Watching movies

d. All

4. A word processor can be used to:

a. Write Text

b. Edit Text

c. Print Text

d. All

5. CAL stands for:

a. Computer-Aided learning

b. Computer-assisted learning

c. Computer Added learning

d. Computer Affected learning

6. Typically, an ATM can be used to:

a. Keep records

b. Make budgets

c. Watch Movies

d. Withdraw cash

7. Modern Computer can perform calculations or processes in:

a. Seconds

b. Minutes

c. Nino second

d. Hours

8. CAT stands for:

a. Computerize Axial Topography

b. Computer Axial Topography

c. Computer-Aided Topography

d. Computer Assisted Technology

9. Computer-based weather forecasting depends on accurate collection of data from:

a. Television

b. Weather stations

c. Radar

d. Antenna

10. MICR stands for:

a. Magic in Character Redo

b. Magnetic Ink Character Recorder

c. Magnetic Ink Character Reader

d. Magical ink Character Reader

11. _____is used to control all the parts of a manufacturing process.

a. ATM


c. CAD

d. CAM

12. A______is an automatic programmable machine.

 a. CAD

b. CAM

c. CBT

d. Robot

13. The benefits of using computers are:

a. Speed

b. Reliable

c. Storage

d. All of the above

14. The process of performing automatic office tasks using a computer is called:

a. Office automation

b. Office support

c. Data management

d. Reprographics

15. The process of producing multiple copies of a document is called:

a. Reprographics

b. Word processing

c. Spreadsheet

d. Image processing

16. ….. is used to produce attractive documents using photos, artwork, and graphics.

a. Reprographics

b. Desktop publishing

c. Spreadsheet

d. Image processing

17. Electronic banking is also known as:

a. Cyberbanking

b. Offline banking

c. Interactive banking

d. Global banking

18. Which technology is used to read data on cheques?


b. OM

c. OCR

d. CAT

19. Which scanner takes many X-rays around the body?


b. OMR

c. OCR

d. CAT

20. Which of the following is relevant to office automation?

a. Document Management System

b. Message Handling System

c. Office support system

d. All

21. Which scanner takes many X-rays around the body?


b. OMR

c. OCR

d. CAT

22. Which of the following is related to business?

a. Marketing

b. Stock exchanges

c. Banks

d. All

23. W Which of the following is not included in the document management system?

a. Word-processing

b. Desktop publishing

c. Reprographic

d. E-Shopping

24. The fly-by-wire system is used in:

a. Medical field

b. Airline

c. Education field

d. Car

25. Most applications of robotics are in which area?

a. Cooking

b. Manufacturing

c. Teaching

d. Farming

26. is the process of conducting business transactions via a computer network.

a. E-commerce

b. E-Mail

b. M-commerce

d. DMS

27. Which of the following is not an example of e-commerce?

a. Electronic banking

b. Electronic shopping

c. Online chatting

d. Online Education

28. Many banks provide the facility of:

a. CAD

b. CAM


d. CBT

29. CBT software is used in:

a. Education

b. Forecasting

c. Manufacturing

d. Farming

30. SUPARCO department gives information about:


b. Airline

c. Chatting

d. Weather

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