HTML Table Code Generator

The HTML Table Code Generator is a web-based tool designed to facilitate the creation of customized HTML tables without the need for manual coding. It’s great for people who might not know much about HTML or just want a quick way to make cool tables for their websites without dealing with complicated code.

HTML Table Generator


Generated HTML Code

How to Use the HTML Table Generator

  1. Input Fields:
    • Specify the number of rows and columns you want for your table.
    • Choose text color, background color, and other styling options according to your preferences.
  2. Preview:
    • Click the “Generate Table” button to see a live preview of your customized table.
  3. HTML Code:
    • The tool generates HTML code with comments for clarity.
    • The generated code includes internal CSS for styling.
  4. Copy Code:
    • Click the “Copy Code” button to copy the generated HTML code with a confirmation alert.

How to Paste the Generated Code?

Follow these steps to paste the code into your HTML document:

Step 1: Paste the Code into Your HTML Document:

  1. Create a new HTML document or open an existing one where you want to include the table.
  2. Paste the copied code into the body of your HTML document where you want the table to appear.

Step 2: Adjust Head Section (Optional):

  1. If you want to include the internal CSS styling in the head section of your HTML document (as indicated in the generated code comments), locate the comment in the generated code that says “CSS Code: Place this code in the document’s head.”
  2. Copy the CSS code within the comment.
  3. Paste the CSS code between the <style> tags in the head section of your HTML document.

Step 3: Save and View Your Webpage:

  1. Save your HTML document.
  2. Open the HTML document in a web browser to view your webpage with the generated table.

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